Puppet renderings deserve a whole page to themselves. Communicating what a puppet needs it a very different game than other projects. Puppet renderings need to fullfill a few more needs. It must show it’s character, how it will move, and often, its mechanical layout.

Here are a few puppets I designed for the “Haunting Light” web-series.


The Pulling String episode is not out yet, but if you’d like to see how the branch hand came out you can see it here.

A 15′ tall Trojan horse may not quite fit into the puppet realm, but they hardly fit anywhere. This one I designed for the feature film, “Diamond Ruff.”

Puppets also deserved their own page because I adore working on these type of projects.

I went to the University of Connecticut where I was enthralled with the work the puppetry department was doing. One of my favorite projects to this day was a new show we produced called “Icarus.” Although I designed the set and props at the time, I’ve been dabbling in puppetry ever since. Here’s a few examples of my work from the Icarus show.

I have more puppet rendering examples I’d be happy to share with you, but I just can’t post them yet, so just drop me a line.

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