Pandora by Johanna Parapinski

The Spider’s Nest was/is a collaborative project I’ve been working on with horror authors to help promote their books. I would create illustrations based on an excerpt from a larger published work and then record a dramatic reading of it.

Here are a few of my favorite illustrations from the episode spotlighting a book titled “Pandora” by Joanna Parapinski:

With the first image in this series I actually created a 3D model of the space in Sketch-up before drawing the scene out. I found it was a really helpful tool to find just  the right angle for the image.

Here’s how the final project came out. Although… please excuse my attempt at acting like Elvira, but I was channeling her while performing this collaborative video. However, I am quite happy with how the artwork came together with the story. You can watch it on YouTube if you’re curious.


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