Set Renderings & Elevations

I know from personal experience that set designers have their hands full well before production gets under way. Between the drafting, the meetings, and oodles of research there never seems to be enough caffeine or hours in a day to get it all done. Let alone making sure the renderings are clear enough for the props and scenic teams to do their job.

That’s where I can help.

Here’s some examples of set elevations I created for the SyFy channel film Dark Haul. There’s two revisions of the interior truck trailer set show here along with the beast of a monster cage we created.

Here’s how it all came out (0:30 sec mark will show you):

A little blending of drafting and photoshop can go a long way.

But what if you don’t need to build the set from scratch? What if it’s a found location? Been there too my friend. I used an app in iTunes called Magic Plan to draft out rooms and entire houses we needed to dress. Then with a mix of CAD, Sketch-up and Photoshop I was able to create renderings my team could work off of.

These particular rooms came from a film created for the Chiller Channel called, Animal. Here’s a look at that, in case you’re curious.


Where could you use my artistry to help communicate your designs? Let’s talk about it.

Would you like to see some more? I’m happy to oblige.

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