Books & Cover Art

As an avid reader, creating art for books and stories is one of my favorite things to do. Art exists to support a story, and catch people’s eye so they’ll grab a copy.

Some recent book covers I have worked on include, “Spiders in the Daffodils” by Nelson W. Pyles, Issue 1 of “Sanitarium Magazine,” and “The Lift: Nine Stories of Transformation, Volume 1.”

The Lift: Nine Stories of Transformation Volume 1

Some projects need more than just a cover, “The Lift: Nine Stories of Transformation” was one such project. I created the front and back cover art along with interior illustrations. This particular project began and continues to be, a Parsec Award nominated podcast. Which you can listen to here:

The last section of the anthology contains several bonus illustrations that are meant to look like they were created by characters in the story. On the left is one of the illustrations created by the Mother who was spending some time in a sanitarium. She was a creative and troubled soul, so I wanted her artwork to reflect that. On the right is one of the technical drawings created by the Father. He was an inventor and an architect. It’s always fun getting into a character’s head when creating artwork like this.

Who knew those acting lessons I took would help with illustration?

Need artwork for your next book?

I am currently open for new projects and commissions. Please send me a message through my contact page.

Would you like to purchase one of my books?

Here are the links to where you can purchase a copy of the books I have worked on.

If you do purchase anything through these links, thank you! These are affiliate links to Amazon which means Amazon will share a little bit of what you spend with me without any additional cost to you. Thank you for your support!

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