9th Story Podcast

One of my many creations is a podcast called the 9th Story. It’s an exploration in storytelling and often features interviews with authors and artists. I actually started doing to portraits as thumbnails for the episodes because by blending my sketching style with photographs of our guests I could complete custom artwork really quickly.

However, as I became more and more comfortable with creating the portraits I stopped using the photograph layer to keep the artwork clearer.

This process has reawakened a passion in me that used to be one of my sketchbook obsessions; simply trying to capture the personality of my friends in a sketched out form.

If you happen to be curious about the podcast, you can listen to it here: podcast.9thstory.com

Otherwise feel free to check out some of the other shows I create art for:

The Wicked Library ♦ The Lift ♦ Back to Print & Media

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