My YouTube Channel Blew Up


In the world of YouTube art, there is one channel that reigns supreme over us all with cheeky wit, clever challenges and (most importantly) by being obnoxious, but consistent. That channel is Draw With Jazza. And earlier this year his channel hit 3 million subscribers making his the biggest art channel on YouTube. It was during his 3 million subscribers celebration video that something insane happened. He shouted out my channel. It’s right near the end of this video:

Go to 12:06 to see where he mentions me 🙂

In a few days, several thousand people showed up and said, “Yeah, I like this content, I’ll subscribe.” And suddenly the thing I’d been doggedly working on clicked into place. I can now happily say, “I’m a YouTuber!”

If you’d like to see my reaction to Jazza’s shout-out, well… you’re in luck, ’cause here it is:

I cry a lot in this. #sorrynotsorry

One of my goals moving forward is to update you on what’s happening and how the business side of what I’m trying to accomplish is going. As well as make the art blog portion of what I’m doing more active. I’m not exactly sure how I want to approach that at the moment, but I’ll keep you updated. Until then… make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel! 😉

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